Confessions of an Entrepreneur: Brian Ouellette

By Dawn Kcuzwara, January 31, 2019

"Brian Ouellette had an epiphany, thanks to Sports Illustrated – professional athletes were in need of professional financial advisers. This light bulb moment, as he calls it, lead to the creation of Pro Athlete Direct, an education-based marketing system designed to help financial advisors and realtors reach professional athletes. Ouellette's company heavily relies on technology to reach and train members."

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Medium: TIPS From Business Leaders

What are useful tips & resources for someone with an idea or startup?

The following are top picks from what our respondents had to say to aspiring businesses and entrepreneurs…

First, ask yourself:

What problem/need/challenge does your idea solve?

What options are available now

What is unique about your idea?

Then, ask…

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Tempted To Click On That Enticing Online Ad?

Read This First...

"Before acting on an enticing offer for a product or service, seek additional information, including "counter" reviews of the product. And before deciding to buy something, read the fine print and make sure you're crystal clear about terms of the purchase, suggests Brian Ouellette, CEO of Pro Athlete Direct and a former money manager."

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9 Founders & CEOs Share Top Tips...

For Entrepreneurs Just Starting Out, Brian Ouellette says: Take imperfect action.

Avoid waiting to take action, rather frame it as "always, take imperfect action."  Why?

When we wait for the right time to take action, we (often unknowingly) are behaving as a perfectionist rather than focusing on results. When being a perfectionist creeps in, we kill innovation. Innovation is the key to entrepreneurship. Innovation is the result of free, open thinking. This is the fuel that drives entrepreneurs.

S. Brian Ouellette, Founder, Pro Athlete Direct 

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