Established in 2010...

In the summer of 2010, when an NBA sports agent buddy of mine shared the infamous Sports Illustrated article, How & Why Athletes Go Broke.  I was blown away.  Over the years, most of us had heard of these athletes having money issues, I just had no idea to the extent of this problem.

I immediately reflected back to my prior career as a financial advisor.  Being based in Seattle, many of us were chasing the same clients (Microsoft retirees, Boeing retirees, etc.).

No one I knew was targeting pro athlete clients, yet as the statistics show, this was a client base who needed help the most. 

As I learned from my friend, there was a big advantage to working with this client base, that was totally unique & simplified the client development process...

They (athletes) happened to have an employee (sports agent) in place, who is in place to actually hear from financial advisors (& realtors we soon learned).

The problem, as Sports Illustrated noted, the current advisors were failing these athletes, a majority of the time.

My light bulb moment...I immediately thought, what if a new crop of financial advisors came in with a goal of working to fix, what Sports Illustrated coined, the financial pandemic of the pro athlete client?

Could this help fix, this fixable problem for the athletes, their families and at the same time, would this open up a fresh source of accredited investor clients for driven financial advisors (we'd soon learn it's a great client base for realtors, due to their (athletes) big appetite for buying/selling real estate)?  

As a result of this light bulb moment & thinking, Pro Athlete Direct was born.  As we have evolved, we have opened our service up for real estate agents.

We have built an Education Based Marketing System, designed to help our members quickly build the relationship with the gatekeeper (sports agent), while positioning our members as an Authority, Specialist & Trusted Advisor, in the beginning of the relationship.  

When the other advisors out there are pitching & selling, we're running counter, educating the agents, their clients.  

In addition, our members have direct contact access to +75,000 athletes (active/retired), celebrities, sports agents & agents.

"We cannot wait to help you learn that many of the misconceptions about this client base are dead wrong and actually work to your advantage, when you take the counter approach we coach our members & prospects to take."

S. Brian Ouellette, Founder of Pro Athlete Direct


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